With an estimated 90 percent of the Egyptians owning a mobile phone, Egypt today has access to a communications platform that has unprecedented reach. What’s more, these mobile phones are gradually being upgraded to smartphones with significantly more computing power. New information and communication technologies (ICT) are providing new ways to communicate, gather, and share information – helping people make better decisions in their daily lives.

The Cairo Transport App Challenge aims to use this new communications platform to address some of Cairo’s transportation challenges. It brings together stakeholders from academia, government, NGOs, and private sector to define the problems and to tap into Egypt’s growing technology community for innovative solutions.

The App Challenge will aim to address some of the challenges and hence there is a need for continued discussion and effort on how technology can be used to improve the transportation system and to address the issues of traffic congestion in Cairo. The App Challenge is a continuous process, where the event will be followed by activities to develop and implement further initiatives.

What will the Transport App Challenge do for Cairo?

The Cairo Transport App Challenge will provide an opportunity for the technology community in Egypt to brainstorm and work on problem statements identified during the Techcamp held on June 3rd, 2012. The software developers will work with the support and mentorship of a group of experts during two months in order to provide innovative ways to use the mobile phone to address the six problem statements defined. At the end of this process, a complete app ecosystem addressing the transport problems will be created. A panel of judges, consisting of civil society, government and private sector, will then select the winning apps.

Where can I find more info on this initiative?

For background to the Cairo Transport App Challenge initiative as also participation to the official blog and discussions, please visit: http://transporthack.gdgcairo.org/

Check also the Terms and Conditions of the app challenge.

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