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Thabet Alfishawi

Thabet Alfishawi

Thabet Alfishawi is a Product Manager with Google responsible for Partner Services and Rights Management within YouTube. Thabet's work focuses on enabling partners monetize their content on YouTube.... Read More »



Android development team with a high focus in user experience, responsiveness and performance. Mentors for app development, helping overcome the headaches of Android multisize/multiresolution... ... Read More »

Nacho Sánchez

Nacho Sánchez

Mobile expert, who has designed, developed and deployed apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Nokia Series 40! Has used his expertise to create an app development company... ... Read More »

Ángel Díaz

Ángel Díaz

Software Engineer focused in iOS development and teaching. Mobile mentor for app creation and development. Offers his guidance throughout the whole process involving idea conceptualization, architecture, and development.... Read More »

Improving driver behaviour

Crisis statement: Egyptian drivers have been described as undisciplined. The most common complaints are: making improper turns, sudden and constant change of lanes without notice or consideration of other drivers; jumping queues in dense traffic; blocking intersections and roads for no reason; speeding and dangerous driving. Such behaviour leads to traffic congestion and increase in traffic accid... Read More »

Increasing effective traffic enforcement

Crisis statement: Most traffic violations in Cairo – such as speeding, driving in the wrong lane – go without penalty or warning. Traffic enforcement officers have very few ways of reporting and keeping track of violations. If violations continue to go unpenalized, driving behavior on the roads of Cairo will likely be hard to change. Therefore there is a need to equip traffic enforcement offi... Read More »

Data collection on traffic situation in Cairo

Crisis statement:  Traffic congestion is expected to become worse in the next 5-10 years in Greater Cairo. Today, about 24.9 million trips are made daily in Cairo. However, data on traffic patterns are not currently being collected in a systematic way. Data on traffic trends are collected through traditional roadside surveys conducted by traffic officers and entered manually. Subsequently, there ... Read More »

Inefficient microbus system

Crisis statement: Cairo has an extended, informal microbus network that is unregulated and contributes to congestion and safety hazards. There are no formal routes and time frames for microbuses, which makes it hard for commuters to effectively plan their trips using this mode of transportation. As microbuses operate in an ad hoc manner, they cannot effectively plan for commuter needs and volumes... Read More »

Encouraging shared rides and car-pooling

Crisis statement: 14 million cars are on the roads of Cairo every day and 70% carry only 1-2 persons per car. As the Cairo population grows together with the number of cars, there is an increased need for efficient means to share rides whether it is public transportation, micro buses, taxis or even personal vehicles. The goal of shared rides is to reduce the costs of travel (cost of petrol etc.) ... Read More »

Harassment and other personal safety issues

Crisis statement: There is an alarmingly high rate of harassment specifically in the public transportation services (metro, buses, microbuses and pedestrians) and there are few systems, tools, or any ICT or mobile-solutions in place dedicated to monitor and report incidents, and to facilitate behavior change. A 2008 study on harassment in Egypt found that out of the respondents, 83% said they had... Read More »

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