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Choosing the right platform for your app (III): single or multiplatform

This post goes along with the next one of this series that is called pricing models. We can start talking about choosing platforms but both decisions should be made together. When you’re thinking about developing an app, you should give a deep thought to your target. Once you’ve identified your target, sometimes is the hardest part of all the process, you just need to identify the plat... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (IV): pricing model

After you’ve decided to develop a native app you must take a time to decide wich pricing model best suits to your app. We are going to analyze wich are the key factors to decide the model. Is your app download going to be free in the app markets or is the user going to pay for it? This is the key question and there’s not a magic answer. It’s all about your business model, there ... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (II): Native or web-app

This is one of the most important decisions for your app, so make sure you think deeply about all the pros and cons. The app development depends on what you decide at this point and the work is completely different if you decide you go one way or the other. As it always happens, if you have a strategic plan and you know exactly what your target is, then the question gets answered by itself. The pr... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (I)

This is the first of a series of posts where we will try to help you choose the platform that best suites your app goals, the technologies that will enable you to properly deploy your app into the market, and the monetization tools that you can incorporate to achieve a profitable app (in terms of users and/or income). The first decision you have to make when deciding to create an app, is the targe... Read More »

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