Improving transportation in Cairo - one app at a time!

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Traffic congestion is a serious problem in the Cairo metropolitan area with substantial adverse effects on personal travel time, vehicle operating costs, air quality, public health, business environment and business operations.

Big problems need small solutions – and a lot of them!

The Cairo Transport App Challenge invites all app creators to develop solutions to the systemic problem of congestion, accidents and pollution – one app at a time!

  • think sideways – sometimes it’s the unlikely combinations that work best (what? a short message service with 140 characters for the web? Are you crazy? ;)
  • use every data available (for example this data!!)
  • be inclusive – design for the everyday person on the street

The problem statements (in arabic)

1Harassment and other personal safety issues

There is an alarmingly high rate of harassment specifically in the public transportation services (metro, buses, microbuses and pedestrians)… Read More »

2Inefficient microbus system

Cairo has an extended, informal microbus network that is unregulated and contributes to congestion and safety hazards… Read More »

3Encouraging shared rides and car-pooling

14 million cars are on the roads of Cairo every day and 70% carry only 1-2 persons per car. As the Cairo population grows… Read More »

4Increasing effective traffic enforcement

The two modes of transport that are currently causing severe traffic violations hence represent hazards to all road users are shared taxis (i.e. micro-bus)… Read More »

5Data collection on traffic situation in Cairo

Traffic congestion is expected to become worse in the next 5-10 years in Greater Cairo. Today, about 24.9 million trips are made daily in Cairo… Read More »

6Improving driver behaviour

Egyptian drivers have been described as undisciplined. The most common complaints are: making improper turns, sudden and constant change of lanes… Read More »

In the NEWS

aljazeera video

egypt independent‘Transport Hackathon’ gathers experts to solve Cairo congestion

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  • In 2010 over 7000 people died in traffic in Egypt according to official statistics.
  • Private vehicles account for 70 percent of the traffic share in Cairo with less than 1.3 people per car.
  • President Mohamed Morsi has put traffic as the second most important priority.
  • Sexual harassment is biggest barrier for women to use public transport



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