Harassment and other personal safety issues

Crisis statement: There is an alarmingly high rate of harassment specifically in the public transportation services (metro, buses, microbuses and pedestrians) and there are few systems, tools, or any ICT or mobile-solutions in place dedicated to monitor and report incidents, and to facilitate behavior change. A 2008 study on harassment in Egypt found that out of the respondents, 83% said they had been harassed at least once of which 49% were on public transportation, and only 2% received help from bystanders or authorities. Harassment affects not only women but men and children also. How can we better prevent and respond to harassment on public transport? How can we better analyze trends in harassment where an dwhen do they happen most? Possible solutions would have to take into account cultural sensitivities.

Examples: 1) Egypt, http://harassmap.org/; 2) India, http://www.fightbackmobile.com

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