Questions and answers regarding app submission

Hi all! I summarize here some of the question that more frequently come up these days regarding the app submission. Q1. How can I edit my submission? A1. You can edit the app profile you have created by going to, logging in with your appcircus user account and clicking on “edit my profile” (your app should appear there). Q2. Can I only add 3 screenshot while submitting my app? A2... Read More »

Data Persistence in iOS Applications

There are many different storage methods that you can use in an iOS application, there is not one best than the other, it depends on what data you are going to store. The most common situation is to end up having to use more than one method for the different persistence needs of your application (user settings, edited documents, data gathered from a web service, etc.) . Now, let’s have a lo... Read More »


A fragment is a portion of an Activity. A fragment have its own code and its own UI, for this reason is highly reusable. The main utility of fragments is that we can show the same app in different ways depending on the screen size of the device. In a tablet, we have more space and we can show more content than a mobile, then, in a tablet we can put more fragments in the same activity than mobile. ... Read More »

Sharing Services

These days, integrating mobile apps with major social networks is a common practice, and for good reasons. By interacting with social networks within your app, users are spreading your app’s name and message in those networks. Think of Facebook’s billion and Twitter’s 500M active users and you will have 1.5 billion of reasons for considering to add sharing services to your app. A... Read More »

Sample data for transportation studies

Follow the link below to download the new data sets provided by the World Bank, including sample data on Routes, Speed Data, Parking etc. Link to Sample Data... Read More »

Android multiple screen suport notes

In order to develop for Android you need to take into consideration that in the market there are devices of multiple manufactures, each of them with their specific screen characteristics. Android OS groups device’s screens in categories depending on their size and on their pixel density. There are four categories depending on the physical size of the screen (xlarge, large, normal, small) and... Read More »

The Provisioning Portal

After the steps shown in Start developing iOS apps, now we will try to give you some important keys for deploying your application to real devices. In order to test your application on a development device, you must have already done the following: Register as a Apple iOS Developer Download and Install Xcode The iOS Provisioning Portal is the webpage that Apple has dedicated to the management of a... Read More »

iOS 4 compatibility

When creating a new project, the minimum iOS version that it is going to support depends on which Xcode version you are using. As for Xcode 4.4.1, the default deployment target is iOS 5.1. The number of devices running versions of iOS prior to 5.x is very low (see a real world application stats here), but If you are willing to support the wider range of devices, you should enable your application ... Read More »

The Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA) by TIEC

Take a look at the following initiative by TIEC, very interesting for entrepreneurs looking for some in-person technical mentorship: “One of the primary outreach initiatives of The Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is The Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA), which assists entrepreneurial ventures in addressing complex challenges associated with the identification and captur... Read More »

Emerginov platform by Orange

Emerginov is a platform that allows you to develop Telco web applications (Web, SMS and IVR). This link contains the basic needed information about the platform, besides a training course. It’s also supported by some videos to make it easy for participants to use on their computers.... Read More »

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