How to learn iOS programming

If you are facing your first iOS project, take a look at the Getting Started tutorial that Apple has published in the iOS Developer Library. You might also find useful to follow one of the many awesome Objective-C tutorials and books available over the Internet. A random pick of a high rated introduction to the language is Learn Objective-C. For a more in depth explanation of the iOS development... Read More »

Think outside the box

Driving in Cairo can be challenging at times. It can also be a suicide mission at other times. When thinking about changing the game, or using technology to make a difference in the way people drive, use, or even think about transportation, you have to be thinking beyond the impossible. In other words, think outside the box. Nadia El-Awady, wrote an interesting post about “The unspoken rules... Read More »

The application lifecycle

The key workflow of android application is given by the Activity class. The activities are the main entities that you will need to get used too. They control the will give you the interaction with the phone services and the UI design. Android uses several Activity callbacks to inform you about environmental changes; when the current activity is visible, when it is not, when you should save state, ... Read More »

Using Scenarios for problem solving

How to get started with big problems? Well, you need to break them down into smaller ones. A great way to do this is with scenarios. Here’s the idea: 1. Choose a person that will be playing the main role in the story. This could be you or any person who’s relation to the problem you know well enough. 2. Put your character into action. Write up or draw a story of your character exposin... Read More »

Cairo Congestion Study

The congestion study is conducted to assess the baseline economic cost of current road traffic congestion in the Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area (GCMA), the largest urban area in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East and amongst the most populous metropolises of the world. Based on this study, the aim is to prepare policy recommendations and an action plan to reduce traffic congestion. The first phase... Read More »

What do I need to know to create a good app?

Have you ever thought on creating a new app? Have you considered what are the basic steps to follow before creating the app? Sometimes you have a good idea and you think it is enough, but certainly you will need more than an idea to succeed on the app economy. Once you have the idea, you can always outsource the  app, it sounds like its going to be quite an easy app. so it should be really chea... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (III): single or multiplatform

This post goes along with the next one of this series that is called pricing models. We can start talking about choosing platforms but both decisions should be made together. When you’re thinking about developing an app, you should give a deep thought to your target. Once you’ve identified your target, sometimes is the hardest part of all the process, you just need to identify the plat... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (IV): pricing model

After you’ve decided to develop a native app you must take a time to decide wich pricing model best suits to your app. We are going to analyze wich are the key factors to decide the model. Is your app download going to be free in the app markets or is the user going to pay for it? This is the key question and there’s not a magic answer. It’s all about your business model, there ... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (II): Native or web-app

This is one of the most important decisions for your app, so make sure you think deeply about all the pros and cons. The app development depends on what you decide at this point and the work is completely different if you decide you go one way or the other. As it always happens, if you have a strategic plan and you know exactly what your target is, then the question gets answered by itself. The pr... Read More »

Start developing iOS apps

We will explain briefly the first steps to begin developing applications for iOS devices. It is necessary to mention that, in order to develop applications for iOS devices, it is absolutely necessary to have a computer with Mac OS X. If your goal is to upload applications to the Apple AppStore, it is highly recommended that you also keep your system and developer tools up-to-date. Even if you do n... Read More »

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