Ahmed Ibrahem Mosa

Dr. Mosa received his degrees in transportation engineering, economics and environmental studies (M.Sc., Ph.D.) from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Mosa has over 12 years of experience that combines research/academic knowledge and practical experience. He is a proven research leader who has shown attention to detail and project tracking skills that are necessary for the successful and timely completion of this project. Throughout his education and research career, he won several awards, authored and co-authored more than 35 refereed conference and journal papers, and attended major transportation conferences. Moreover, Dr. Mosa participated in several transportation projects in Egypt and Japan.

Dr. Mosa’s research has mainly focused on the development of analytical methods for modelling and understanding travel behaviour, and its implications in the overall urban context. . He is a pioneer studying the impacts of Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICTs) on transportation and travel behaviour, future mobility, modelling the Interdependence of Social Network Interactions and spatial choices, public transport planning, intelligent transport systems, traffic simulation models, multi agent systems, household interactions, Negotiation models, Human activity-travel behaviour and urban planning.

He has also focused on the relevance of understanding travel demand as derived from the people’s need for performing activities, and the relationship between people’s travel decisions and other key aspects of their lives, such as their use of information and communication technologies, and the characteristics of their urban environment. Furthermore, he has focused on studying how changes in land use patterns are related to the transportation system, focusing both on existing empirical evidence as well as on methods to analyse this relationship.

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