What comes next?

Ok, so many of you have submitted your idea and hopefully you have received some useful, initial feedback from your mentor. How do you proceed and what are the next steps?

  1. Keep working with your mentor: do you have concrete problems with your app? Consult your mentor with direct messages or arrange some chat or hangout with him. However, remember that your mentor is not the only one who can help you. We have a whole team of mentors available, waiting for your questions! Check our other mentors and see if you want some help from a different expert in a different area.
  2. Prepare your app! The Online Competition, where all apps must be submitted, will be open on October 29 and the submission ends on November 16, so you should already be working on your final app by now. You will be asked to create an app profile (see point 3 below) where you must include screenshots and videos of your app, so a good next step is to work on this video! Also, mentors will evaluate your progress before the final submission and send you back their comments, so you can modify your submission and edit your app profile accordingly before the deadline.
  3. Submit your app! The last part of the App challenge, the Online Competition will open on October 29 and remain open until November 16. The submission of the apps will consist on filling your app profile (see an example of an app profile here: http://appcircus.com/apps/mafuta-go or http://appcircus.com/apps/touchybooks) with basic information, like description, screenshots, video, target users, platforms, links etc. Remember that at this stage and in order to participate in the competition, you must submit a working app, not an idea or a draft. You MUST provide an icon, video and at least 3 screenshots of your working app.You will be able to edit your app profile as many times as you like before the deadline, so you can use the feedback of the mentor to improve it.

So basically, on October 29, we will open the process where you can submit your app (create an online profile of your app), mentors will check these profiles, will send you their feedback, and you still have time to re-edit/modify your apps until the end of the submission period (November 16).

Do you have more questions? Post your question in our forum and we will get back to you!

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