Questions and answers regarding app submission

Hi all!
I summarize here some of the question that more frequently come up these days regarding the app submission.

Q1. How can I edit my submission?
A1. You can edit the app profile you have created by going to, logging in with your appcircus user account and clicking on “edit my profile” (your app should appear there).

Q2. Can I only add 3 screenshot while submitting my app?
A2. During the app submission here we have simplified the process and only ask for 3 screenshots. If you want to add more you can do so in the, editing your app profile as explained above.

Q3. Can I still submit an app if I have missed the idea deadline?
A3. Yes, idea feedback was not obligatory, you can still submit your app until November 16.

Q4. When will my app appear online?
A4. After the submissions are closed all apps will be validated and appear online in order to start with the public voting.

Q5. What are the cash prizes?
A5. We have 3 cash prizes of $3000, $2000 and $1000 for the first 3 winners, plus a $450 prize for the popular voting winner.

Q6. What are the evaluation criteria?
A6. Evaluation will be based on how your app addresses the problem, the innovativeness/originality of it, the user experience it offers, the technical feasibility and quality of the app etc.

If you have more questions please post them in this forum post and we will try to answer to you as soon as possible!!
Good luck!!

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