The Provisioning Portal

After the steps shown in Start developing iOS apps, now we will try to give you some important keys for deploying your application to real devices.

In order to test your application on a development device, you must have already done the following:

  • Register as a Apple iOS Developer
  • Download and Install Xcode

The iOS Provisioning Portal is the webpage that Apple has dedicated to the management of applications and development devices. Again, Internet is full of tutorials with explanations on how provisioning devices for development. But there are a number of concepts that is necessary and important to have clear:

  • Sign an Application, all your applications must be certified with your identity and this identity must be approved by Apple.
  • Certificate, that’s your identity as an Apple iOS Developer; you have two kinds of identities, Development and Distribution (despite Distribution is only accessible if you are enrolled to any iOS Developer Program).
    • Development, as its name stats, it is the identity used to test applications in development (debug) mode.
    • Distribution, it is the identity that apple requires for your applications when they are sent to the Apple Store.
  • Devices, you must register all the devices where you would like to test or run your applications.
  • App ID, it is mandatory to register all the applications that you want to release or distribute; it involves:
    • Application Name, a representative name for your app.
    • Application Identifier, also known as Bundle Identifier, normally it is a reverse of your company domain (e.g. com.hackathome.cairo.mygreatapp).
  • Provisioning Profiles, combined with your Certificates and related with the App ID of the app; configuring it is the final step to get your application running in your development device. Normally it is installed to your device when the application is deployed. There are three types of provisioning profiles:
    • Development, the duration of this profile is three months and allows you to tests your applications in its selected devices; it is the recommended choice for the DEBUG mode of your applications.
    • Distribution – Adhoc, the duration of this profile is three months and allows you to tests your applications in in its selected devices; it is recommended for the RELEASE mode of your applications.
    • Distribution – AppStore, the duration of this profile is one year and allows you to sign the application and submit it to the appstore, but you can not use it for development.

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