Think outside the box

Driving in Cairo can be challenging at times. It can also be a suicide mission at other times. When thinking about changing the game, or using technology to make a difference in the way people drive, use, or even think about transportation, you have to be thinking beyond the impossible. In other words, think outside the box. Nadia El-Awady, wrote an interesting post about “The unspoken rules of Cairo traffic” where she explained to her non-Egyptian (British) husband a set of rules that people use, or take for granted, whenever they start hitting the streets of the sleepless city of Cairo.

One can easily produce a 1:1 mapping with countries in Europe or North America and starting thinking about ideas like (sensors above the traffic lights) or (cameras to spot reckless driving), and this way of thinking that actually works in many places allover the world. However, to approach the transportation in a city like Cairo were culture plays an important role in the way people drive, we have to take our thoughts one step forward.

Take a look at this inspiring video:

People in this village made the difference. They really changed the game. Can you?

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