What do I need to know to create a good app?

Have you ever thought on creating a new app? Have you considered what are the basic steps to follow before creating the app?

Sometimes you have a good idea and you think it is enough, but certainly you will need more than an idea to succeed on the app economy. Once you have the idea, you can always outsource the  app, it sounds like its going to be quite an easy app. so it should be really cheap. Sometimes it’s better to do it yourself, because you know exactly what you want to achieve and what are the main concerns to take into account.

I offer you a document that will try to offer you an initial overview of what you need to consider before creating an app:

  • Idea
  • Business Model & Monetization strategies
  • Target market where you want to point to
  • Communications campaign
  • More content and detail can be downloaded here!


Let’s start producing great apps!
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Sportsman, Husband, Entrepreneur, Mobile Strategist, Mobile Freak, Gamer, Business Developer @AppCircus @mobilepremier. Professor of app creation in Pompeu Fabra University and INESDI Academy in Spain. Interaction devices expert from design to production and commercialization. Mobile mentor for app creation and development in idea conceptualization, business model, architecture and communications plans.

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